UX/UI Design


Client Moviepass
Year 2017
Team Design team of one
This is a design proposal I did for Moviepass IOS app redesign. This project was finished on November 12th of 2017. I was working remotely from Portugal for almost 9 months. Stakeholders were asking for something that could highlight the brand a bit more and a UI that could be easily correlated with the brand. On the other hand, they wanted to be possible to extend some of the created visuals to the website.


My first mission was try to understand what the app already had and what was the business core. Then I was able to start doing some research. 
  • What were the users saying about the app? 
  • What were the users’ main pain points using the product/service?
  • What was the impact of the app usage on all products/services? 
Since I was working from afar, I started by doing some research on the news, I went through forums where clients were sharing their experience through the app and/or moviepass service and also by following the moviepass support team account on twitter. That way, I got to know what were the main complaints regarding the product/ service/app. 

Problems found


The old app of Moviepass didn’t have too much complexity, although some features were not that easy to find or to interact with.


The concept of e-ticketing was kind of ambiguous and it wasn’t explicit what the users needed to do if they didn’t have a card yet.


The entire menu was available in the same place (accessing by using the hamburger menu) which wasn’t necessarily bad but that solution didn’t allow the user to understand easily the correlation between each action.


The movie/cinema search wasn't easy to navigate and the choice between the two types of the search wasn’t always presented to the user. ​


The user needed to be logged in to enter the app and access all the content.


The UI hadn't any specific rules which help to explain why the same elements sometimes had different behaviours or appearance while browsing the app.
The main goal was to create awareness so the users could understand there was an app where they could buy cinema tickets and manage their moviepass subscription.
Since the business core was to allow users to buy a cinema subscription and users were using mainly the website to ask for a moviepass subscription card, we wanted to make it part of the app flow as well. We also wanted the users to be able to browse the app without the need for creating an account. That way we wanted them to explore the features for free and opt-in for a subscription as they understand better the service moviepass was providing. Having a good onboarding experience was as important part as well, so we could explain the benefits of a moviepass subscription and how it could be used.
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