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The Hitchhikers’ guide to Product Discovery

When I joined Cozero (last December), one of the key challenges as a Lead Product Designer was to address the need of introducing product discovery to the different teams and try to come up with a process that would allow us to work collaboratively on that. This article is a result of that research work and shows…

How to leverage your users’ emotions

Today we almost know everything that doesn’t work on a product or what kind of patterns work better for this or that situation. If we look at almost every landing page structure, email marketing campaign, or mobile apps’ UIs, maybe we all feel that everyone is following the same safety rules and speaking the same…

When design doesn’t work

This year World Usability Day was a bit different for me. I participated as a speaker in this 2-day event organized by Centro de Computação Gráfica from the University of Minho ( within the subject of “Designing for Good or Evil?”.

How a good UI becomes a good UX

Don’t rely on visual design alone to save a bad experience, but don’t ignore visual design! Visual Design is the User’s first impression of your product. Visual design can be the strategic differentiator that encourages users to value one application over another equally usable.

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