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I’m a Senior Product Designer and Coder with a dedicated work ethic.

I’ve built products for a variety of companies: from banking to telco, to transportation, to insurance and more recently tech startups – turning ideas into detailed designed products.

Most relevant work so far.


From inception to release

Throughout my career I’ve always been part of early stage teams and products. In some cases the product did not exist yet, and in others it needed to be reinvented. This is the most important factor to keep in mind when reading through my skill set and experience. Fundamentally, it means that I have had to develop a more rounded, than usual, skillset as I’ve had to be a UI designer, UX designer, Researcher, Product Manager, and Front-end Developer when needed. I’ve designed and built products from their beginning to their release, to post-release.
I had also a short experience being a A/B testing manager where I gain some know-how on how to validate a hypothesis, figure out what to test and how to prioritize tests. I have extensive experience in working in Agile environments from small to large scale with strong knowledge of Scrum and Kanban.

Other works.

Small pieces of UI or illustrations that I’ve made for some of the projects I’ve worked on during the last years.

I also like to spend some time writing.

I really enjoy writing. I usually write as a methodology to learn more, to have an excuse to learn something new or to go further with a subject I love.

How to leverage your users' emotions.

Today we almost know everything that doesn’t work on a product or what kind of patterns work better for this or that situation. If we look at almost every landing page structure, email marketing campaigns or mobile apps’ UIs, maybe we all feel that everyone is following the same safe rules and speaking the same language.

Dizparada November 19, 2019

When design doesn’t work

This year World Usability Day was a bit different for me. I participated as…

Dizparada November 12, 2018

9th March

Today is 9th March, the day after 8th March. I am a Woman and…

Dizparada March 9, 2018

How a good UI becomes a good UX

Last year (March 2017) I’ve made a design talk at GDGLisbon for an audience mostly composed…

Dizparada February 5, 2018
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