Hi I'm Dizparada

a passionate Product Designer, from Portugal.

I'm dizparada because my surname means stopped, so i 'nicknamed’ myself with a name that shows the opposite.

Dizparada's born

In the last ten years i've worked in different areas, not looking for the right thing to do, but because my interests were changing according to new trends or with something i was discovering in the tech area.

Last 10 years

In 2006, when i was taking my bachelor in new technologies of communication. I started to develop some things with html and php , that were lectured in that course. I did some websites with small backoffices as a freelancer webdeveloper.

Sep 2006

Later (2009), i started the master in multimedia and i did some works related to technology in education. I designed and developed a working prototype web application that allowed students help each other learning, regarding different subjects and suports - Weedu.

Sep 2009

Coincidently or not, my next job was creating educational resources at Leya Mediabooks.

Nov 2011

But i've keep doing webdesign, and that was and is the thing i like the most, and my last four years were dedicated to this. First at VILT where i did some projects as UX /UI and front-end consultant during almost 3 years.

Feb 2013

In the last one and a half years i did user experience and interface design at the User Experience team at NOS spending also some time developing html and css to some ponctual projects.

Sep 2015


New year, new resolutions and i've decided to move myself to a new adventure earlier this year.

Jan 02

Those are the 3 essential steps in my working process:

User Experience Design

Actualy the most important concept here. When i started to know more things about all this process my work started to make more sense. The goal is to make a service efficient but also pleasurable (webapp, native mobile app etc), trying to not do something based on my ego or in what i think that's right.

User Interface Design

This step is where the dreams become visually possible. It is an exaustive step where i need to keep the interface simpler but beatiful at the same time. Definitly is the step where the product really born.

A bit of Front-end Development

I don't consider myself as a skilled and complete front-end developer, but i like to know everything about it. I like to design a product also knowing the diference of the implementation of the solutions A , B and C. This turns my team work a little more effective, and completes me as a Designer.

Recent projects